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an idea that can change the course of the system and the people's lives can come from anywhere and anybody.

Our Mission

Our Mission: We are on a mission to make the world a better place by empowering everyone to write and giving opportunities to share their ideas, knowledge, news, and valuable content among people and organizations where it will impact the most.

About thetweaks

Thetweaks is a new platform dedicated to deliver vital, trustworthy news, facts, ideas and stories in the most efficient, illuminating and shareable ways possible. It will be posted by our Thetweaks editors: influential people of India, people who are expert in their own field, other Journalist channels and most importantly Thetweaks users, themselves.

Our commitment is to deliver quality, outstanding content and ideas which will help to create an improved society as a whole.

We called it world’s first user-based news platform with programmatic networking strategy that make us unique and strengthens our strong will to win in market place.

Programmatic is a strategy to get right audience in front of right content.

Why and how we are doing this:

We are strongly passionate about starting a news company with shared belief that we will make a positive impact by making people lives better around the world.

We started in India with a shared belief: In digitalisation age people read content and news online, but online media is broken and publish lurid journalism. Stories are often either long or boring or biased. They produce journalism the way journalists want to produce it. People are often duped by headline that don’t deliver and distracted by pop-up nonsense or unworthy clicks that are designed to produce revenue – which do not deliver the best experience possible. Great ideas and thoughts often don't reach the right audience. And some people share thoughts on other social media which only float around their friends and followers networks which do not reaches where it is needed.

We are currently working hard to solve these problems and empower everyone to share their thoughts, news with right audience by smartest and most efficient ways possible.

Our goal is not to become news media, Thetweaks is content or ideas sharing platform with broadcast audience.


We at Thetweaks are reconnecting people based on their location and professional category. On joining Thetweaks you will automatically be connected with people and information based on your location and profession, you will not be required to manually follow or add anything. However, if yow wish to follow more people, you can always add that that person or organization.


We are working very hard to produce quality, smartest and most efficient content to users through our network and our media editors alongwith trying to restrict the fake, spam and advertising content shared on the platform via fraudulent spammers.


Your tweaks reflect who you are and how do you influence the people living in the system by your thoughts, experience or news.

Executive People

Who created thetweaks?

Rajesh Kumar


Deepanshu Pal


Sushil Prabhat


Thoughts are powerful. Tiny tweaks lead to big changes.

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