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TheTweaks' Mission

Our Mission is to reconnect the people to create digital societies and civilizing the Internet to make it better for everyone.


TheTweaks is reconnecting people in networks that are meaningful to them based on their profession and geography they belongs to and we called it digital societies and empowering everyone to use their voice and get equal chance to be heard by right audience and get all the content, news, information from network that matters most.

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Connect with your community

On joining TheTweaks you will automatically be connected with people based on your profession and location you belong, you will not be required to manually follow or add anything. However, if yow wish to follow more people, you can always add that person.

Everyone love to be part of their community. Be a part of community that belongs to you.

Get the content that matter

All you need in one place

Feed is a place where you can discover what your community cares about.

Get all the content from your network that is meaningfull to you and Explore top tweaks, trends, news, information and stories form all others networks on TheTweaks.

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