Introducing TheTweaks Partner Program

TheTweaks Partner Program

Our goal is to make the world a better place by empowering everyone to write and giving equal opportunities to share their ideas, knowledge, news, and valuable content among people where it will impact most. We feel it's important to reward our most dedicated community members: those who are regularly publishing original content to our platform and their role in building TheTweaks. That's why we launched a pilot of the TheTweaks Partner Program, our way of enabling some of the most popular and prolific original content creators within the TheTweaks community to get rewards & benefits and earn money from their content.

Creator Benefit Levels


Total Views

  • > ₹ 50 per approved tweak
  • > Verified badge
  • > Recognization

Total Views

  • > ₹ 100 per approved tweak
  • > Verified badge
  • > Creators T-shirts
  • > TheTweaks Magzine
10K +

Total Views

  • > ₹ 500 per approved tweak
  • > Community Influencer badge, T-shirts and more
  • > TheTweaks Magzine

Total views: you can see your total views on your profile page below the Milestone

Minimum eligibility requirements to join TheTweaks Partner Program(TPP).

1. Your profile should be user account not organization account and you should be independent content writer.

2. You should follow all the TheTweaks Partner Program policies.

3. Your total views must have more than 200 views.

Minimum eligibility requirements for tweak approval.

1. Follow all the TheTweaks Community Guidelines and TheTweaks Content Quality Guidelines.

2. Have more than 100 views of tweak.

3. Have more than 10 upvotes.

Join TheTweaks Partner Program

Everyone can apply for TheTweaks Partner Program(TPP) anytime.

How it works

1. Apply

Once you meets the TheTweaks Partner Program(TPP) Total views threshold then You can apply for TPP anytime, our team will review your application.

2. Publish Tweak

Publish your tweak and when your tweak reach our minimum theresold then you can claim your reward in your profile page below your tweak.

3. Get Rewards

Our team will review your tweak based on our content guidelines and add your rewards in your wallet.

If you don’t meet the Program threshold yet, keep working to publish content on TheTweaks