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If you have a dream and passion for doing something meaningful and big.  And you are confused about your career don't worry just follow ABZ Planning (described below).  Basically tech people in India much needed to follow their dreams because these people are driver of country's growth. And overcome current situation of the large difference of unemployment and job creation in india .

Future Has Already Arrived
Don't waste your time. Improve yourself, learn soft skills, adapt to the future , take intelligent risk and follow your passion and achieve your dream. But it's not easy to follow your dream in country like India . Where  ease of doing business in India has 130th rank (USA 7th and China 78th) in list of all countries  because of old Constitution system of India and some other factors. But positive point is India has 17% of world population and second world largest customers .  We not only blame our system , We have to change ourself and get trained too, this is most important. 'Jobs for life' are a thing of the past . 

Transform your career by ABZ Planning

ABZ Planning allows you to aggressively pursue upside and mitigate against possible  downside risk. It's a process important for someone in their life at any stage who want do something different.
So what do A B and Z refer to exactly?
Plan A is what you are dreaming for and your passion in which are truly dedicated. A goal that can be achieved in long run It's a plan that you want to make big impact in the world.
Plan B is what you're doing right now. It can be your academic career plan . Plan B is always put you remain in the game . Not everyone has their strong background to follow only Plan A so Plan B is required for economical and family support . It can be your short term goal.
And Plan Z is fallback position: your lifeboat. In business and life ,you always want to keep playing the game. If all your Career plans go to hell or if you want to do major life change? that's Plan Z. The certainty of Plan Z is what allows you to take on bigger risk on Plan A and B.
ABZ Planning set you in the direction of your aspirations, and account for the market realities. The great business man Reid Hoffman(Linkedin Co-Founder)  said in his book  THE STARTUP OF YOU, " You will change, the world will change, the competition will change. It's why Plan A, Plan B and PlanZ is required." The best thing to do is to think and plan two step ahead. To move forward in your career, you have to commit to specific opportunities as part of an iterative plan, despite doubt and inconvenience. If not now, when ?

ABZ Planning is summarized from the book THE START OF YOU. Something I modified  according to always fit our schedule.
Thank you for reading.  



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Nice interpretation ! 


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