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Priorities Of India In 21st Century

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India, a melange of ethnicities, cultures, languages,food and what not. Stretching the Demographic and geographic anatomy from Breezing Himalayas to The Great Indian Ocean, India has been in past sobriqueted as Jagat Guru( World leader). If India wants to stand as the beacon of Hope and Harbinger it's place to the pinnacle, following should be the Priorities of India in the 21st Century.

1) Promoting and Entrenching a Start-Up Culture amongst the Indian Diaspora-
Recently Steve Wozniack admonished in an interview to the Economic Times that Indians are extremely lethargic and Lackadaisical when it comes to entrepreneurship. Poignantly it is true as there is no Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk  or Mark Zuckerberg from our countries. Today the quintessential Indian culture has made us so docile that we often acquiesce to being a proletariat rather than being audacious enough to plunge into entrepreneurship. Today the Prime minister voicing his concern and Promoting Start-up is not Banal . If there is an itinerary for effacement of unemployment from this country then it has to be through entrepreneurship. If India wants to stand out in the 21st century battle, Indian Bourgeoisie mindset is required to be obliterated. Also this feet won't be achievable either by sole efforts of government or by sole efforts of the people.

​​​​​​2) Education System- 

a) Much before coming to the practical aspect, what's bemusing regarding this banal Indian education system is the bewilderness it has created in the subliminals of younger diaspora in deciding a veracious career path. The education system is so mundane that it coerces them to run on the most monotonously confabulated paths. They pathetically fail to realise their actual aspirations from life and unknowingly move on those paths where every body is thronging by crucifying their realms and Renaissance. Students should be made  to pursue their intrest immediately as soon as they reach 11th standard. The true potential and propensity of the indian youth is being undermined by perplexing him regarding his veracious career path. This can be solved by diversification of subjects offered in the Schools. Schools should be asked to increase the number of subjects offered. Exams should further be conducted on these subjects itself. This would also help in creating some job opportunities.

b)Education system in India majorly emulates memorizing power in students. Today the education system is so Banal that all it requires is mugging up to your throat and then regurgitation the very next day. The disposition needs a paradigm shift from being a memory oriented to rather being a more practical oriented dispensation. This has to happen by coercing the students to actually digress in practical studies of their respective subjects by increasing the pertinence of practical education.

c) One of the most imperative aspect which Indian education system has failed miserably is making all institutions and their opportunities equally lucrative and sumptuous. To delineate it, a person pertaining an interest in maths , physics, journalism, management ( in particular) will find it difficult to carry on with his fields of interest and will be coerced to pursue something like engineering after harbingering the future aspects. Today we need a more homogeneous and diversified youth which the education system is failing to provide. It fails to make our students brazen enough to come forward and choose their interests.

Today the education system also needs to be diversified in the hindsight of present Indian Predicaments, Dogmas and stigmas. If today we what to deracinate castism, expunge rapes, make people sagacious enough to vote a right person and annihilate all stigmas and Dogmas impinged in our societies, then education is the only medium. 
Only right education system can obliterate monolithically entrenched minds.

3) Population- 

The Population of this Country is multiplying at a nimbling speed. Today Local Buses, Trains, Shopping Malls, Government Hospitals, Public Banks, Railway Station, Movie Theaters are surfeited with a barage of People. Over Population is the Genesis of a plethora of Problems. Scarcity of medical Facilities, Dearth of Job opportunities, Unemployment, Lack of houses are all repercussions of Over Population. Developed countries like USA, Germany, Japan have less than one-fourth population of India. To Deracinate these Problems we have to figure out ways to control our population.

4) Participation of Youth in Politics-

Over the discourse there has been an interesting colluqy about the aggravating standards of voting and involvement of caste and various other aspects other than development. 

Balasaheb Thackeray rightly encapsulated this by saying-

"People of 21st century don't cast their vote they vote their castes."

If the driving factor of today's indian politics stands to be Cynical Cronyism, Nepotism, Casteism and Opportunism, then the problem today needs to be meticulously scrutinized and addressed. 

Shashi Tharoor in his Ted talk rightly expatiated this problem-
"While the rest of the world is aging India tends to be a young country with majority representation well below 35. Not to compare the average the country with the average age of the parliament." 

The biggest travesty today is that at the highest hierarchy of the government is fleet of over-aged , which are failing to recognize the dreams and aspirations of younger Diaspora. 

How can that be changed??

By increasing youth participation in politics. India needs to have a younger jurisdiction. If we want to subvert nepotism, obliterate casteism and create a healthy society we require more vivacious and active youth participation in politics. Government should also try organising more youth centric discussions to know the actual aspirations of today's youth.

5) Deracination of reservation based disposition- 

If India wants to forge to the pinnacle it cannot choose caste over merit. This problem though blatantly written is although way more abstrusive and obscured. Therefore the ramifications should be dwelled into and confabulated to search a path for its right implementations. India today should prioritize deserved.

One of the most imperative step pertinent for India to be a global power. And let me enunciate this pragmatically and politically correct-
"India should decipher ways to prioritize Merit over caste."

6) Health-

Also the 21st century India needs to focus and dwell on creating a healthier India. India today stands as the diabetic capital of the world. 35% of Indians at some point of time face depression.
On a personal note it's quite ubiquitous to see people committing suicide due to various reasons.
A developed country with pathetic health condition is a travesty in itself. India today needs to find for itself the various solutions to annihilate health problems. Rigorous Debates, discussion which are organic and tangible should be organised(not the ones perpetuating barbarism) and consequentially implemented.




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