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The Right to Recall

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India is the world’s largest democracy. This democratic nature of India has given the citizens an opportunity to shape India. Citizens vote for a candidate of their choice who represents them for 5 years. It is the candidate’s responsibility to develop the constituency. But what if the elected candidate doesn’t govern his/her constituency with sincerity? Constituencies like these exist in India wherein politicians win elections on basis of caste or religion but then ignore the agenda of developing their constituency.

What if a more reliable leader is able to take charge of the constituency before the completion of 5 years, thereby, rescuing the constituency from stagnation for 5 years due to misrule?

This can be achieved by Right to Recall. Through Right to Recall, the electorate can sign a petition to recall an elected candidate for non-performance. This exists in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Venezuela, and the Philippines. In fact, BJP MLA Mr. Varun Gandhi has tabled a bill in Lok Sabha for amending Representation of People’s Act, 1951, to bring in Right to Recall. However, the status of the bill is still pending. Even former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam supports the provision of Right to Recall.

The provision of Right to Recall will be very beneficial and progressive for the democracy in India since it will bring a major transformation in the political system of India. India is in dire need of Right to Recall due to rampant corruption and frequent cases of non-performance by the elected candidates. Right to Recall is a tool which can be used to bring sincerity among the elected representatives. The people will have the power to recall the elected candidates for non-performance of promises and indulging in corruption. 




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