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why many of us fear English language?

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i always find great difficulty in giving answer to this question. before giving answer to this question i would like to raise some questions. 1. does an englishman speak hindi fluently or for matter of fact any indian language? 2.can you ask an african tribal folk to cheer for english language? can you force a latin american inhabitant to follow english ? these questions have been asked for some good reasons.the crux of the questions is-" what are the factors that affect a language or it"s growth in a particular region"? The main factors are- 1.cultural barriers and local traditions 2.the way in which education is imparted to us 3.promotion by state and government. believe i got my education from an english medium school i.e, DAV ARA in is the premier school of the region but still we were never taught in english language.our teachers used to teaach us in hindi and many a one used bhojpuri language too. i was lucky enough that i was taught english by my father who used to give me the task of writing 3-4 articles per week. but everyone is not lucky enough to enjoy the privilege like me. so, how can you ask a student to cheer for wordsworth,keats,shilley,tennyson,gb shaw, vikram seth at a place where even the english is taught in an imported translated version. this is the case with a student coming from an english medium school. God forbid the students coming from the hindi medium background.some exceptions are always there but exceptions can"t change the rule. Students coming from a convent based background are blessed enough tto rule out the mysticism behind this problem. i am got generalising anyone though generalisation is intellectually necessary evils. in the next tweak i will suggest how to root the roost or rule the world. hope everyone will find my views useful. thanks. keep tweaking as it"s new sexy.



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Yashaswinee Raj  

Appreciable maiden-piece , yet lacks coherence.


Nice... You should have use d the capital letters properly. 😊

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